My name’s Roxy, welcome to my blog. I’m a 22 year old college girl who loves to dominate and harass men in my free time. I guess you could say I’ve been like this since I can remember. In school I was always popular with the boys, but being a regular girlfriend just didn’t give me a single ounce of enjoyment . . . until I learned that the problem was men were just pathetic.I didn’t want to listen to my boyfriend, and I didn’t want him to “wear the pants in the relationship.” No, I wanted him to wear the panties.

I thought one day, why should he be the one in charge? I realized, he didn’t have to be. I could do it instead. Things were great after that. All those boys that were interested in me that I kept rejecting because of their “I’m so macho,” attitude finally had a chance with me. If they listened to what I wanted, that is.It didn’t take me long at all to realize that guys were all the same. They’re weak to a powerful and beautiful woman. They’d do anything I asked, no matter what it was, some agreed as long as no one would find out. Still, when we had our fun, I took pictures, promising at first to some that no one else would ever see. When I first started doing this it wasn’t a lie. Then, as I realized more and more the power I had, that changed. I showed people the photos, I used them to get what I wanted by using it as blackmail, and I threatened to text them to my friends. They loved every single bit of it. I made them take cock in the mouth and ass, and even boys who said they were straight listened to me.From there it just became natural, throughout the rest of high school and into college I started doing more, forcing men into becoming pathetic sissies.

My favorite thing to do is have a pathetic sissy boy suck cock for me. Men are only good for my amusement and satisfaction. I get everything other girls get from their relationships, only I don’t have to deal with guys trying to tell me what to do. I get dates, clothes, gifts, nice things, and I get